Color for Summer

Everyone who knows me, knows I love color. Whether you’re looking to make a bold declaration or a quiet statement in your living space, there’s no doubt that the color you chose is one of the most, if not the most crucial, decisions you make.

You might be wondering, what makes a good color choice? There are three critical things to consider when making your decision.

One, an element of interest. Two, versatility. And three, it has to blend well with an array of other colors. While some colors are lacking in one or more of these must haves, some other colors check all the boxes. One color that seems to check all the boxes is Pantones 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid.

Okay, I know you’re thinking that was SO last year.  But, this color gives me life! Working with this color is an absolute pleasure. With it’s regal purple hues, and breezy pink undertones, this color transforms any space from insipid to breathtakingly beautiful in the matter of a single brush stroke.

Use Throughout the Home

Radiant Orchid carries a true versatility that’s hard to find. Not only is it a great choice for an accent wall, it also works amazingly well on all four walls of your room. It can be used for a simplistic splash of color on your throws, or as a feature piece on your drapes. The possibilities are endless!

Combine Radiant Orchid with a white or a light neutral to give your room a light and airy feel that’ll make your space seem bigger than it actually is.Orchid Room

Blend It With Other Color

When I first started working with Radiant Orchid, I found that it was easy to underestimate the true essence of the color. Because it’s such an audacious color, the tendency is to waOrchid Tablent to tame it by mixing it with neutrals so it doesn’t clash with other colors. What I came to find out was, Radiant Orchid, actually played really well with other bold and “out there” colors. So, what ever you do, do not be shy with Radiant Orchid.  This color might be loud and sassy, but it also has a humble and understated energy that allows it to mix well with raging reds, mellow yellows, and rich earthy browns.

When paired with red, Radiant Orchid shines through and gives your room a treacherously heady balance between soft and caressing romance, and a seductive sexiness that makes a wonderful setting for a party for you and your special friend!

The Possibilities Are EndlessOrchid Door

Oh and it doesn’t stop in the confinement of the four enclosed walls of your home. You can also bring Radiant Orchid outside. The dreamy blues and vivid greens of the outdoors amalgamate well with the flowery and earthy qualities of our lovely Radiant Orchid, making it an amazing color for gates, fences, and – dare I say it? – even your front door!

I really do hope that you have as much of a blast working with Radiant Orchid as I do. And whatever you do, just make sure you’re having fun with it!

Orchid Dress


Contributed by Odunayo Ishola